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The message of the book Not-Two Is Peace is not merely that human beings should resolve the world’s urgent crises, but that we must do so in a radically new way.

Read and listen to excerpts from Not-Two Is Peace here:

The book Not-Two Is Peace can be purchased from various sources including here. If you do not have access to these sources and would like a free copy of Not-Two Is Peace, please use this contact form to provide us your email address and a message asking for a free copy of the ebook, and we will email you Not-Two Is Peace in EPUB format.

“Something new must emerge. That something new is not going to emerge from the pattern of nation-states, or even from the gathering of nation-states (in the form of the United Nations). That something new can only emerge from everybody-all-at-once—the power of humankind as a totality.”

– The World-Friend Adi Da,
from Not-Two Is Peace