Two Is Not-Peace


The signs of chaos and insanity that may be observed in the human realm of the present day are an extension of a more fundamental disturbance—which is the ego-based nature of global human culture.

Global human culture has come to be based on consumerism—or the exploitation of the potential of human beings to experience and consume, without any discipline based on a greater principle. As a result, the current global human situation (or political, social, and cultural non-system) is lacking in fundamental integrity, and the human world is now ruled by the “all-consuming individual”. This situation, and not any other, is producing the global crisis that human beings are presently facing.

The root-source of disturbance in the human realm is not a financial crisis, or the crisis of global warming and extreme weather, or the problems that arise with the migration of people to everywhere, or the breakdown of the international system in the United Nations, or the epidemic nature of disease and poverty.

The root-source of disturbance in the human realm is the (by-now-paradigmatic) presumption that human beings exist in the world merely in order to consume, to acquire, to luxuriate in conditional experience of all kinds, to exploit the possibilities of enhancing their own “self”-interests—with no other principle or countering force to which they must be accountable.

The right and true principle—to which every human individual and every collective of human individuals must be held accountable—must be identified and, systematically, globally established.

However, as a general rule, those who, to now, have been attempting to address the current world-situation are only working to restore the status quo of ego-culture and mass consumerism. Therefore, even at their best, the current world-servers are not working to righten things profoundly. Rather, they are merely working to perpetuate the ego-culture of mere world-consumerism—and, thus, like a gambler who has already lost all his or her resources, they are merely seeking to escape the immediate emergency situation in which they find themselves.

The global status quo should not—and, indeed, cannot—be restored.

An entirely new mode of human culture must be established—a global “zero-point” cooperative culture—and not the ego-based culture that is based on “tribalism” and mere individual or group consumerism.

Therefore, the principle of the systematic self-regulation of global humankind and a universal pattern of systematic accountability must be everywhere introduced and managed by humankind as a whole.


The Global Cooperative Forum I propose is not merely about running things better on the present basis—not at all.

The Global Cooperative Forum I propose is an entirely new mode of human political, social, and economic existence, and, most fundamentally, a new (and, fundamentally, global) mode of human culture.

The introduction of the new mode of human culture I propose is (and requires) the comprehensive global transition from ego-culture to a “zero-point” culture of ego-transcending cooperation, which is, altogether, established on the basis of a universal practice of mutual accountability, to which all must be accountable—all individuals, all groups, all units of humankind, and all present “tribes” (or nation-states).

Clearly, the existing global pattern of humankind, composed of competitive nation-states (or “tribal” units), is not established on the “zero-point” (or non-ego) basis, or even on the basis of a fundamental impulse to go beyond egoity.

The mutually competitive pattern of existing nation-states is rooted in the nation-based will to dominate. The competition for world-domination is the primal and only “game” of “tribalized” nation-states. That “game of tribes” has now achieved “end-game” status. Therefore, if the existing nation-states are allowed to continue playing the “game” of competition for world-domination, they will, inevitably, destroy all of human culture, even human life itself, and, indeed, even the Earth-world itself—as they have, to a large extent, already done.

Nevertheless, it is not only the “tribalized” nation-states that have created the present situation. Every human being on Earth has—both individually and collectively—created the present situation. Everyone has (both personally and collectively) gone along with the ego-“game” of universal “self”-exploitation, which has resulted in a would-be system, stopped by a “stave in its wheels”.

The present ego-culture will not—and cannot—correct itself, because it is not rooted in a system-based and systematically enforced process of universal accountability to any principle greater than the individually and collectively separate consuming-entity.

“Tribes” are consuming-entities. Nation-states are consuming-entities. “Tribes” and nation-states and individual egos are all “units” of consumption—seeking to luxuriate absolutely in their potential to consume, and intending to dominate and enslave all others in order to generate and acquire the things they desire to consume.

Such is the mummery-world of egos here.

That world is now on the verge of self-destruction—for the very reason that it is a lawless (or philosophically false) world.

The total human realm is now based on a totally false principle that has been largely originated by Western society, especially during the past five hundred years of Western dissociation from traditional greater principles of profundity. During that origination-period in the West, the principle (and the false philosophy) of physical existence (or “incarnation”)—in and of and for itself—has been glorified to the extreme. As a result, the bodily differentiated individual ego-“I” has, everywhere, become dissociated from any and every principle greater than “self”.

When Western society moved away from the philosophy that is associated with the subordination of the individual (and the collective) to the Divine Reality, it set the present course of ego-culture—by installing the bodily-differentiated human individual (and the “materially”-based human collective) at the root of philosophy, and by (thus and thereby) asserting the “material” context of conditional appearances as (itself) the root-context and the root-meaning of existence.

The culture of the West, since the time of the European Renaissance,1 is founded on the rise of absolutist ego-culture and the collective dissociative revolt against the traditionally philosophically proposed (and, otherwise, institutionally and “officially” proposed) Divine—or, even more basically, collectively dissociative revolt against the Unitive System of Principle Itself, the Principle of Indivisibility Itself, the Universal Principle that is always greater than and senior to the individual “unit” of experiencing-for-its-own-sake.

The global culture of humankind—which has, for long, universally embraced the Western-originated non-unitive and mutually competitive ideal of individuated personal and collective consumerism—is now destroying itself, because it is based on an intrinsically false and inevitably self-destructive philosophy.

The Global Cooperative Forum I propose is the institutional core of the gathering of the totality of humankind—everybody-all-at-once, in a cooperative system of global self-management and universalized mutual accountability.

That system is intrinsically and always self-accountable to its own system-principle—the “zero-point” principle of not-two, or of intrinsic and always prior unity and universal cooperation.

That “zero-point” cooperative system always spontaneously regulates itself, corrects itself, and rightens itself.

Thus, the Global Cooperative Forum I propose is not merely another means for exercising a corrupt and self-destructive pseudo-system with a unity-denying and cooperation-opposing “stave in its wheels”. That pseudo-system, which is now everywhere in place, is based on egoity and “tribalism”. Therefore, that pseudo-system is not the basis for the Global Cooperative Forum I propose.

The Global Cooperative Forum I propose is a systematic restoration of intrinsic lawfulness (and true philosophy) to the global totality of humankind.

The Global Cooperative Forum I propose is not about a monolithic (and participation-suppressing) world-government.

The Global Cooperative Forum I propose is about a universally participatory global cooperative—a universally participatory re-systematization of human culture, which has the ability to self-inspect, self-correct, and self-righten its own patterns.

A right and true system of human culture is capable of constantly restoring itself only because, in such a system, the principle of accountability is universally intact.

When the principle of accountability is universally discarded—as is currently the case—the would-be system of order breaks down.

When any system breaks down, a new system must emerge—to replace it.


Two is not-peace.

Two is intrinsically self-divided into egoic “self”-difference and egoic “self”-opposition, competition and confrontation, dis-unity and dis-order, egoic “self”-indulgence and egoic “self”-toxification, globally-extended chaos and war—and, altogether, universal toxicity, disease, suffering, fear, and death.

This is the quintessential moment of two—the end-time brink that requires re-birth.

This moment is the historic opening-door of human time—the necessary and unrepeatable moment for the emergence of a right and true (and accountability-based) global cooperative order, activated (from the root) by a right and true (and universally participatory) Global Cooperative Forum.

All efforts otherwise or to the contrary are (inevitably) purposed to maintain the ego-based “consumerist” status quo—or, at least, to make it seem that the status quo of “consumerist” ego-culture is persisting and “healthy”. The status quo could be made to persist for even many more years—but, in that fatal meantime, what would actually be occurring would be the final and catastrophic breakdown of global system-patterns altogether, both human and non-human.

The end-time status quo is a pattern of lawlessness—or, in other words, a pattern without integrity and accountability. To persist in that pattern will, eventually and inevitably, destroy (or self-destruct) humankind and the Earth-world. Therefore, before the end-time status quo achieves terminal self-destruction, the lawless pattern of competitive ego-culture must be replaced by a cooperative global system that brings all human and natural resources into the systematic context of a single cooperative domain—a globally comprehensive system with a necessary rule of accountability that includes every one and all and everybody-all-at-once.

Therefore, human beings must now collectively, systematically, and globally re-organize themselves—rather than permit the terrible “machine” of the end-time status quo to continue. That end-time-“machine” is stealing the virtue of all of humankind, by everywhere preventing human beings from being actively responsible for themselves as a collective totality and for the Earth-domain itself as a natural pattern-totality.

The Global Cooperative Forum I propose is the one and essential new institutional necessity for the necessary new global systemization of humankind. The current pseudo-system is no longer tolerable—and it never was viable. Nevertheless, those who are currently in power have not yet become entirely inclined to deal (at root) with the signs of global systemic breakdown. Many continue to pretend, for example, that—even while the Earth is daily becoming more and more overwhelmingly polluted—there is some necessary (and action-preventing) controversy to be engaged relative to whether global warming is a reality or not (or, otherwise, humanly-caused or not). Nevertheless, the evidence is now irrefutable—the Earth is being polluted, always more and more, by human causes.

The human causes of Earth-pollution (which results in global pollution, global warming, and extreme weather) are a global projection of the politically and corporately propagandized and controlled pattern of individual “self”-indulgence in un-regulated and boundless consumerism that otherwise (by such means as toxic food and drink) pollutes the body of every seeker of the “good life” (and which everywhere results in disease, psychological extremes, unbearable stress-patterns, and every other mode of otherwise avoidable suffering and agony and casual death). Indeed, altogether, the present-time (and future-threatening) global and collective human situation is both dark and insane—a global madhouse of mutual threats, and whole nations in clans of “tribalized” power, competing with one another like rival street gangs, always “protecting” nothing more than their will to egoic “self”-indulgence and egoic “self”-glorification.

The current global and collective human drama is a world-mummery of failed ego-culture.

That world-mummery is rooted in an intrinsically false philosophy, a false root-premise—the intrinsically false philosophy (or intrinsically false root-premise) of egoity itself, or the illusory separate (and always actively separative) “unit” (or pseudo-“entity”) of being. That intrinsically false philosophy largely originated in the West, first coming to the fore in the period of the European Renaissance. That false philosophy manifested as so-called “humanistic” views, which dissociated human beings from the Self-Evidently (rather than religiously-presumed) Divine Characteristic of Reality Itself and from the Intrinsic (rather than religiously-presumed)2 Spirituality of egolessness, and which (altogether) glorified the ego (or the “unit-of-consumption”)—both in the form of the human individual and in the form of all collectives of human association (including nation-states, and all such intrinsically “tribal”, or “self”-centered, collectives).

The “humanist” movement glorified ego-based “tribalism”—rather than That to Which (intrinsically and unavoidably) all must be accountable and to Which (intrinsically and necessarily) all are always already subordinate. That to Which all are—and must actively and cooperatively be—subordinate Is Reality Itself, Which Is all-and-All, and Which Is Intrinsically egoless, Perfectly Indivisible, Perfectly Acausal, Perfectly Subjective (or Perfectly Non-“objective”), and Self-Evidently Divine.

In its conventional (and, altogether, ego-based) form, religion is entirely a form of “tribalism”, a doctrine invented to grant collective cultural identity to politically and socially defined “units-of-consumption”. Therefore, conventional religion is not founded on the surrendering of egoity itself to Reality Itself, or on the actual practice of living subordinate to Reality Itself. Conventional religion is not founded on the actual transcending of egoity at all. Rather, conventional religion is founded on (and, altogether, is designed to serve) the principle of egoity itself—both individual and collective. Therefore, conventional religion is not the answer to the root-problems of human beings—but, rather, conventional religion merely exploits and reinforces the root-problems of human beings.

The Self-Evidently Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself does not appear in the “middle” of the context of conventional religion—nor can conventional religion “own”, or be the proprietor of, the Divine (Which Is Reality Itself). Indeed, the Divine Is That Perfectly Subjective Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State Which Intrinsically and Perfectly Transcends conventional religion, all of the ego-mummery of humankind, and all of egoity itself.


For the sake of all-and-All, global human culture must be made right.

The present world-chaos must be clearly and thoroughly understood—not only as the total and final collapse of all of past civilization (or of ego-culture and the “tribalization” of separate and opposing human societies), but as the consummate critical moment of opportunity for humankind as a whole and single order of mutual responsibility on Earth.

This unique moment in historical time is the human-scale “ground-zero”-moment for humankind (as everybody-all-at-once) to righten itself—by re-subordinating all-and-All and everybody-all-at-once to the Principle of Reality Itself.

Now is the necessary “zero-point” moment in human history—the unrepeatable once-in-history moment to systematically and globally organize human culture, politics, society, and economics on the basis of “zero-point” education, which is the necessary fundamental and essential education that orients and enables human beings to actively restore the principles of intrinsic egolessness and universal prior unity as the root-basis of human life.

The Global Cooperative Forum I propose is the first-time systematization of the totality of the human world on Earth—and the totality of a truly global cooperative order is the necessary future for a surviving (and both healthy and progressing) human species. The current world-situation offers only the entropic end-pattern for the disintegration of the human species—which will inevitably become the catastrophic and complete failure of the human species and the total demise of the human species.

The entire pattern and trend of current human culture—including scientific materialism, all modes of false philosophy, and everything relating to the current domain of ego-based consumer politics, social egoity, competitive social systems, “tribal” national systems, un-regulated economics, and conventional religion—is about death.

The course of human events is now converging upon a necessary clear choice between two great alternatives—either the total collapse and destruction of the human species and the Earth-world or the “zero-point” (or quintessential turning-point) of the emerging of a wholly new and systematic global human culture based on universally participatory cooperation, tolerance, and mutual accountability. Clearly, the only right and intelligent choice is to embrace a new global cooperative human culture that will collectively and rightly manage the Earth-world totality, eliminating “tribalism” and ego-based consumerism as the ruling principles of human life on Earth, and replacing them with the principles of intrinsic egolessness and universal prior unity.

The new global cooperative human culture will be self-regulated on a universally participatory and consistently principled basis—not on the basis of ad hoc emergency efforts to return to the “tribalized” status quo. Therefore, this moment in human history is the “zero-point” (or quintessential turning-point), in which the Global Cooperative Forum I propose will provide the institutional basis for the universally participatory and consistently principled self-regulation of globally-extended humankind.

The Global Cooperative Forum I propose should not be engaged as if it were merely a “solution” to a “problem”—but, rather, it must emerge all-new, simply as the intrinsically “problem”-free self-rightening and self-systematizing of the human domain of Earth. Thus understood, effective self-rightening is never based on the ego-mind of “problem”. Rather, such self-rightening is, necessarily, based on the always prior and intrinsically “problem”-free working-presumption of intrinsic egolessness and universal prior unity. Therefore, as the consistent working-principle of self-rightening action, the entire presumption of “problem” should tacitly, simply, and effortlessly be relinquished from every context of global (or even personal) self-rightening.

The Earth-world and all of the global human domain have already collapsed far enough. If the pattern of the whole collapses much further, the human life-sphere will not be retrievable. Now is the moment for self-rightening—while the resources that are necessary for the reclamation of the Earth-world and the global human domain yet exist.

In this time, the Earth-world and the global human domain as a whole are, undoubtedly, infected with evil—evil principles, evil motivations, and an absolute will to resist the change that is now so profoundly necessary. Only one force in the human domain on Earth is great enough to counter the current evil. That one and only force is the intrinsic power of everybody-all-at-once. No single faction can possibly be effective. Evil can be countered only if the totality of human beings insist. No human power on Earth is greater than everybody-all-at-once. There is not anything or anyone that can possibly overwhelm the collective human force of nearly seven billion (and always more) people intent upon universal self-rightening and systematic self-regulation.


In actuality, the calamity everyone fears has already happened.

The “old order” is already dead.

Nevertheless, this need not be the darkest moment in human history. On the contrary, this moment in historical time could (and, indeed, must) be the historic moment in which the Intrinsic Pattern of Reality Itself is established as the universal basis for human life.

The “stave in the wheels” of the life-vehicle of humankind is ego-culture—the principle of non-cooperation, the principle of absolute competition, the principle of separate and separative consumerism (or egoic “self”-fulfillment for the purpose of ultimate egoic “self”-glorification). The idea that life itself is about physically-based “self”-fulfillment and physically-based other-dominating power is false philosophy—a false philosophy that is, tragically, now proclaimed in the houses and streets of every “tribal” group and nation-state on Earth. Glorification of “self”—the egoic consumer, the body-based individual or (otherwise) “tribal” collective—is, in fact, the dominant world-religion of the present time.

Reality Itself—or That Which Is, Self-Evidently, Divine—Is the Infinite Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Sphere3 within and of Which all conditional manifestation happens. Physical (or apparently material) existence is intrinsically and entirely subordinate to That Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Sphere, and is, Ultimately, Outshined by and in It. That Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Sphere—rather than any hoped-for utopia of egoity—is the True Destiny of human existence.

The Global Cooperative Forum I propose is not a utopian institution. Rather, the Global Cooperative Forum I propose is a clearly principled institution that requires the cooperative and mutually accountable participation of everybody-all-at-once—without the “stave in the wheels” of separate and separative identities. By means of participation in the Global Cooperative Forum I propose, all separate and separative identities (both individual and collective) are consistently subordinated not only to the global human and Earth-world totality but to Reality Itself.

The Global Cooperative Forum I propose—and which is simply the institutional serving-instrument for the principled and right global systematization of humankind and the Earth-world totality—can provide an environment for human life that is predictably principled, constantly self-regulated, consistently life-positive, and entirely conducive to the fulfillment of the egoless prior-unity-purpose of human existence.

That egoless prior-unity-purpose cannot be established merely on the basis of the human perception of physical existence. The right human relationship to the perception of physical existence is to constantly discipline human physical existence by conforming it to intrinsically right principles. The Perfect Fulfillment of human existence happens only in the Perfect Domain of egolessness, in Perfect Coincidence with That Which Perfectly Transcends all-and-All. Even the Global Cooperative Forum I propose is, itself, always intrinsically subordinate to That Which Transcends all-and-All. The Global Cooperative Forum I propose is not subordinate to human ego-“units” or even to physical existence itself—but the Global Cooperative Forum I propose is intrinsically and always subordinate to That in Which (and as a modification of Which) physical existence, or the Earth-world itself, is arising.

The Global Cooperative Forum I propose is, simply, right principle, right system-organization, and right system-responsibility. The Global Cooperative Forum I propose is not an absurd, impossible, and merely utopian effort. The Global Cooperative Forum I propose will not eliminate all human suffering. It is not possible to eliminate all suffering from the context of human existence itself. Nevertheless, it is both possible and necessary that (via true “zero-point” education and “zero-point” re-adaptation) human beings everywhere understand how to rightly live (and, therefore, how to rightly and accountably self-manage and self-regulate) human life in the context of Reality Itself—and, as a demonstration of that right life, a true “zero-point” culture of cooperation, tolerance, universal participation, and universal accountability, based on the intrinsic and always active transcending of egoity, must thereupon and globally arise.


The entire human world is now obsessed with egoic “self”-indulgence. However, a true civilization can be made only by human beings who have subordinated themselves to principles that transcend the separate and separative “self-unit”-of-consumption (or the separate and separative ego-“I”). Human beings must, both individually and collectively, consistently subordinate themselves to right principle. All human beings must be re-regulated at the root of the origination of “self”.

De-regulation—or the abandonment of rightly regulated and principled life—is the fundamental individual and collective fault of humankind. In their adventure of the pursuit of egoic “self”-fulfillment through egoic “self”-indulgence (or un-regulated and boundless consumerism), human beings have personally and collectively destined themselves to chaos and death. That global idealization of the idea of universal de-regulation has now achieved its end-time.

The culture of the everywhere-“Westernized” human realm has, historically, been luxuriating in the results of de-regulated consumerism. The only means by which the West was able to pursue its goal of egoic “self”-fulfillment through un-regulated and boundless “self”-indulgence was that of subordinating and exploiting the human resources of all of the rest of humankind and all of the natural resources of the entire Earth-world. However, the rest of humankind (especially in the East and the underdeveloped nation-states) is, rightly, no longer willing to be subordinated to and exploited by the West—and the natural resources of the Earth-world are, now, at the breaking-point of depletion and pollution. Paradoxically (and tragically)—even though the situation is thus and so, and rather than understanding and renouncing the fundamental wrongness and futility of the Western effort to achieve egoic “self”-fulfillment through un-regulated and boundless “self”-indulgence and thorough exploitation of the “other” and all the natural resources of the Earth-world—all the “tribes” on Earth are now intent on equally exercising exactly the failed “self”-indulgence effort Western “tribes” have long been doing.

The cultural (and political, economic, and social) basis of the current world-crisis is that everybody in the world is now trying to live like Westerners did when Westerners were able to exploit all other nation-states and all of the Earth-world’s natural resources for the sake of an un-regulated and boundlessly “self”-indulgent Western society. Everybody in the world is now competing, in a dreadful situation of confrontation, for what has become a very limited reserve of human and natural resources—like dogs competing for the same chunk of meat.

The would-be utopia of ego-based consumerism has failed. That failure is not, in and of itself, negative—although the effects of that failure could be, and have already been, extremely negative. Rather than allowing the current world-crisis to take its full course toward global conflagration, this moment should be embraced as the “zero-point” (or quintessential turning-point) moment for establishing a self-regulating global system of human life—a system of universal participation and mutual accountability that is thoroughly cooperative, principled, and right.


The Global Cooperative Forum I propose must educate humankind at the “zero-point”, calling and obligating people everywhere to cooperative participation in, and to accountability and responsibility for, the total human domain and the total Earth-world in which they live and on which they depend. The communication-instrument of the global Internet is fundamental to this process of global self-rightening. Before the Internet itself becomes a victim of the global breakdown, the global Internet must be used to connect everybody-all-at-once, such that the power of everybody-all-at-once emerges to demand and to cooperatively enact the self-rightening of the human and natural totality of the Earth-sphere—and to embrace collective responsibility for that self-rightening, by collectively refusing to submit to the downward course that will otherwise be inevitable.

The power of everybody-all-at-once is the only human power on Earth that can possibly bring about the necessary self-rightening change in the currently chaotic workings of the human world. Nothing else but the collective power of everybody-all-at-once can stop the decline and destruction of the natural Earth-world, the human world-process, and the human species itself.

Everybody other than everybody-all-at-once is merely a faction.

Everybody other than everybody-all-at-once is merely an egoically “self”-interested consumer.

Therefore, everybody-all-at-once must collectively understand and collectively renounce the futile principle and enterprise of un-regulated and boundless consumer-egoity.

Everybody-all-at-once must perfectly coincide and universally re-awaken at the “zero-point”.

The chaotic ego-power of everybody-one-at-a-time must, thus and thereby, be replaced by the benign global emergence of the self-rightening systematic power of everybody-all-at-once.

With that emergence, human beings will everywhere readily and cooperatively respond to what needs to be done, and they will readily and cooperatively embrace the collective responsibility for systematically organizing themselves through responsible and mutually accountable participation.


Those who will see to the systematic re-regulation of the human domain must enjoy true “zero-point” understanding, and not be (themselves) extensions of the ego-culture of the past.

I have described such people as the necessary “servant-heroes” of humankind.

Those “servant-heroes” are the “morally enlightened” who must serve at the root of human re-ordering.

Those “servant-heroes” must see to the global transformation of human culture I have proposed and described.

Those “servant-heroes” must be converted from the philosophy of ego-culture to the “zero-point” philosophy that understands human existence as a pattern arising in the Indivisible Context of Reality Itself.

Those “servant-heroes”, thus converted, are not disposed to live as egos, and they happily discipline themselves by conforming body and mind to the principles of right human life I have proposed and described.

The true “servant-hero” is a profoundly disciplined individual, who exemplifies the intrinsic transcending and the active renouncing of egoity.

Such is the “zero-point” leadership that is necessary to move humankind, as a whole, to thoroughly enact responsibility for itself as not-two at peace.

1. The European Renaissance period is generally considered to have lasted from the fourteenth century to the end of the sixteenth century, beginning in Italy and later spreading to the rest of Europe.

2. In other words, “humanistic” views dissociated human beings from Reality Itself As It Is (Divine, Transcendental, and Spiritual), but did not dissociate human beings from conventional religious concepts of the Divine and of Spirituality.

3. Adi Da has described that, when It is intrinsically “known”, or realized, Reality Itself is felt to Spherical (and Boundless) in nature.