There are people all over the world who are making virtuous suggestions relative to the achievement of peace—but that activity is not changing anything. Merely to offer guidance and issue calls is, in effect, to wave placards and shout slogans—and that is useless in the reality-context of the world. What is required, in order for peace to be established in the world, is something profoundly different.

What is required to establish peace in the world is the emergence of the true collective of everybody—all nearly-seven-billion human beings on Earth—by means of a Global Cooperative Forum. The Global Cooperative Forum is not merely another body of people with a virtuous view, offering guidance to everyone and issuing calls. The Global Cooperative Forum is the body of virtually everybody—taking a firm and unequivocal stand, and saying how things are going to be. For fundamental positive change to happen in the world, the world of everybody (all-at-once) must represent itself (all-at-once).

The world of everybody (all-at-once) must get out of the position of passively accepting guidance and receiving calls to virtue. The world of everybody (all-at-once) must accept the necessary position of taking control of the world-situation. That is what must happen—or else there can no longer be any hope of a cooperative world at peace.

By its sheer numbers, the all-at-once collective of everybody as a right and true Global Cooperative Forum is in the position to insist on rightness. This is the only way that peace can be truly established in the world. Political and cultural leaders are not, themselves, going to be able to make this change occur. Such a profound degree of change cannot be brought about by the virtuous voice alone. Rather, such a profound degree of change can only be brought about by the force of humankind as a collective whole, or the “everybody force”. The inherent collective of everybody-all-at-once actually is (always) the only true power—but that collective is not currently exercising that power, because that collective is dis-united and in chaos.

In the current world-situation, the total nearly-seven-billion of the current human population are fragmented into numerous nation-states, and fragmented—as individuals (or “ego-identities”) and, also, as smaller collectives (or limited and limiting “group-identities”)—even within those nation-states. The modern “idealization” of the individual (and the defining of individuals by means of the limiting-principles of “ego-identity” and “group-identity”) is, actually, a social and political device for isolating, fragmenting, and dis-empowering everyone—so that humankind (as a whole) has no collective power. If everybody is encouraged to be busy “meditating” on themselves as individuals (or, otherwise, if every individual is dis-empowered by means of the limiting-principles, or “separation-devices”, of “ego-identity” and “group-identity”), then there is no true collective of everybody-all-at-once that can make any demands. Thus, the global promotion of the notion that people should focus on their individual interests and concerns—inclined toward “self”-indulgent purposes and illusions of “self”-fulfillment—is a global power-game that subverts both the integrity of the human person and the inherent power and rightness of the totality of humankind.

What is required for change is a unique form of collective action, in which everybody-all-at-once insists on rightness. That “everybody” is, fundamentally, the present-time “nearly-seven-billion” (and the however many in any future time and context), but it would not (as such) include those who merely want to hold power and keep people fragmented and maintain the status quo. It is not possible to tell billions of people what to do—unless those billions are fragmented into a chaos of billions of “self”-involved individuals who have nothing to do with one another (and who, by means of the limiting-principle, or “separation-device”, of both “ego-identity” and “group-identity”, are even prevented from having anything to do with one another). However, that fragmentation is, in fact, the current situation. The root-problem in the current world-situation is that there are more than six and a half billion individuals “meditating” on themselves egoically, trying to achieve a kind of (either personal egoic or collective egoic) satisfaction that is not possible. “Perfect” egoic “self”-satisfaction (whether personal or collective) is not a real possibility in a world of limitation and death.

In the present-day, the culture and politics of illusion controls the world. The underlying idea that personal and collective egoic “self”-fulfillment is what life is supposed to be about is the root-source of the current global chaos. As a result, there are more than six and half billion human individuals (and, otherwise, large numbers of competitive and mutually dissociative groups, cultures, traditions, races, religions, corporations, and nation-states) that are, characteristically (and even strategically), out of touch with each other—like dust, and bombs, and petty traffic, all blowing in the wind. That wind steadily blows all prior unity into the bits and particles of human chaos.

Therefore, humankind must drop its illusions about “perfect” egoic “self”-fulfillment, and stop living a merely chaotic and fragmented life. That chaos and fragmentation leaves people open to being controlled and manipulated. The reason power-games can be played is that the billions of humankind are fragmented. That fragmentation is what power-seekers exploit. The power-seekers are counting on the billions of humankind remaining detached from one another. As soon as the billions of humankind stop being detached from one another, the illusion-mongers and power-gamers of the world will be “out of business”.


The Global Cooperative Forum is about humankind as a whole exercising its collective voice unequivocally, and standing firm, and being unwilling to cooperate with what is not (and must not be) acceptable.

The Global Cooperative Forum is the means by which the collective “force of everybody-all-at-once” can become effective in the world. The Global Cooperative Forum must really represent everybody (all-at-once), and not merely a handful of loud and “self”-deluded individuals and groups who are, apparently, independently in power. The otherwise powerless everybody-all-at-once must become a collective everybody-all-at-once—with undeniable power to change the world-situation, and to assert the world-situation as a non-chaotic prior unity, or inherently indivisible whole, and to make the changes that will reverse the destructive destiny that is now in progress. No other means of establishing peace and rightness in the world is going to be effective.

Merely calling on everybody to establish peace and rightness does not create the desired result. To call the chaotic world of egoic human individuals to establish peace and rightness is like trying to give verbal instruction to a cat. Generally speaking, cats do not take verbal instruction—nor do cats respond to advice, or callings, or guidance, or being told what to do at all. They simply do not do that.

That is also how it is with the world of humankind. The world of fragmented individuals and impenetrable collectives is neither available nor amenable to be advised, or called upon, or instructed. However, the world as everybody-all-at-once is (inherently) in a position to collectively decide that things are going to be rightened. The condition of the demand for rightness must be established as reality by the collective of everybody-all-at-once. The Global Cooperative Forum of everybody-all-at-once must be immovable relative to the fundamental requirements for rightness in the world.

Until the total population of the world can be represented effectively, the means to make things right do not yet exist. If the billions of everybody-all-at-once have a voice, and are in a position to express that voice one-pointedly, then everything about fundamental world-rightening could become the collectively self-organized happening of humankind on Earth.

If human beings collectively (as everybody-all-at-once) realize that they are (always already) in a condition of prior unity—and, therefore, of necessary co-existence and mutuality—with one another, and if, on that basis, they stand firm together, then they will be in a position to directly righten the world-situation. The collective of more than six and a half billion people can—and, indeed, must—refuse to go on with the current chaos.

However, this profound shift will not occur simply because the billions of humankind are advised, or called upon, to do so. The billions of individuals—as billions of egos—are not going to respond to any such advice or calling, because they are too busy indulging themselves in the marketplace of personal, social, religious, scientific, and political illusions. Therefore, the egoless everybody-all-at-once must open their eyes, see for real, relinquish their helplessness, and take direct responsibility for the human world-event. The egoless everybody-all-at-once must renounce its illusions and “come out of the closet” as the only “we” of planet Earth.


People are not awakened from their ego-patterned habits by mere advice and calling. It is not possible to cause people to awaken to the Truth of Reality Itself. There is nothing that can be done, in the mode of positive action, that will produce Truth-Realization and the actual transcending of egoity itself as a result. Likewise, there is nothing that can be done in the mode of conditional causation (in the conventional sense) that can cause world peace. However, this does not mean that world peace is impossible. It is possible to bring about world peace through acausal means.

Fundamental (or all-rightening) change cannot be caused. However, fundamental change can happen—as a spontaneous (and all-transforming, or all-reforming) self-conversion. Also, the necessary self-conversion that is required for fundamental change to occur can, itself, be enabled to happen—not by causing it as effect (as if it were already not-existing, and, therefore, needs to be “created out of nothing”), but, most simply and directly, by re-empowering the self-organizing integrity and prior unity of the inherently egoless everybody-all-at-once that already exists.

It will not be the role-playing of “virtuous speaking” that brings about the necessary fundamental change. Calling everybody to change does not cause them to change. Those who are already moved to do right do not need to be told to do so—and, no matter how much advice and admonition they are given, those who are not inclined to do right are not going to “change their act”.

If there is going to be fundamental all-rightening change, something has to require change. Therefore, the world as a whole must be enabled to require change. It is an acausal matter—not a causal matter.

The billions of humankind must become self-organized. The Global Cooperative Forum is the means for self-organizing the total population of humankind into an effective single voice that can simply say how things are going to be. To propose that such an effective single collective voice should and could come into being may seem to be a merely “idealistic” notion—but that single collective voice is exactly what is necessary. That is the only happen that will work the change required by all. Virtuous single voices will not, themselves, be effective. Therefore, since the single collective voice of everybody-all-at-once is, in the scale of human reality, what is necessary, it is a mistake to suppose that it is not possible for that collective voice to happen. If anything is, as a matter of necessity, required by the reality-scale of human existence, it is a certainty that it can (and must) be done.

The really-existing inherent collective of humankind has inherent power. The “everybody-all-at-once” has the inherent characteristic (and integrity) of prior unity and the inherent capability (and integrity) of a self-organizing principle. Power in the hands of a few cannot manipulate the total collective, if the total collective exercises its inherent power of prior unity and self-organizing energy.

It is not that “the people” (as some kind of immense natural ego) is morally virtuous, and should, therefore, “take over the world” through some kind of “mob rule”. Only more chaos can come from more ego-power. Therefore, it must be asked, where is true moral virtue? True moral virtue is only at the inherently egoless root-context of existence. The egoless root-context of existence is not separate and separative. Humankind, as a whole, must be understood with reference to the root-context of existence—and (by means of a right and true Global Cooperative Forum) everybody-all-at-once must be represented (and rightly extended) by voice and activity that proceeds from the inherently morally-enlightened root-context of existence.

Whenever human awareness is subordinated to the inherently egoless (and, thus, non-separate and non-separative) root-context of existence, human life becomes morally enlightened (in both voice and action) by the radiant virtue of selflessness. Therefore, if everybody-all-at-once is (by means of a right and true Global Cooperative Forum) represented and mobilized by morally-enlightened principles and persons, Reality Itself has re-acquired the voice and ability to make right changes.

If all the present-day world-leaders entered into a single great forum, and agreed to accept a comprehensive list of right principles as being absolutely required, then the world would be in a very different situation. However, this is not going to happen—unless everybody-all-at-once requires it to happen.

In the current world-situation, there is no absolute and adamantine requirement for world-leaders to make the choices that everybody-all-at-once truly needs. What power on Earth is going to make it obligatory for the situation to be made right? No merely virtuous voice of calling, advice, and educational effort is capable of enforcing that requirement. Only a demand made by what cannot be subordinated to the usual political power-games is capable of obliging the situation to change. The entire collective of the nearly-seven-billion of everybody-all-at-once is the only power in the world that can change the current chaos.

The powerlessness of egoic individualism must be replaced by an inherently powerful positive collective, that is rooted in right principles, that simply says how things are going to be, and that unequivocally stops allowing itself to be subordinated to what is not right. Effectively, that is what must happen.

How is that to happen? What must, first, be done to enable that happening to become self-manifested is a morally-enlightened and selfless service, that must be enacted by the cooperative effort of a unique group of responsible and capable individuals—who are hereby addressed, and whose response is hereby both informed and requested. The necessary first response and all-enabling service must come from those unique individuals who know how to connect with everybody-all-at-once. If there are enough such everybody-all-at-once-enabling individuals, a reality-connection to the present-day billions of humankind can be readily and directly made. Once that is done, the billions of humankind can (by means of an immediately established right and true Global Cooperative Forum) simply insist that right order be brought into the human domain. Only that would be a demand that would, by unavoidable necessity, have to be respected—and, as a matter of unavoidable obligation, served.


The inherent collective and prior union that is the “everybody-all-at-once” is inherently egoless, self-organizing, indivisible, and cooperative. The human world is currently populated (and self-fragmented) by billions of egos—all deluded by various kinds of influences, and all dreaming of the idea of being able (and even of having the necessity) to fulfill their accumulated desires. However, in actuality, the world-all-at-once is an inherently egoless happening.

It is only the presumption of egoity (or the illusion of inherent separateness) that makes the billions of humankind enact separation from one another—and, thus and thereby, they refuse to enact mutual tolerance, peaceful coexistence, and universal cooperation with one another. In Reality, the billions of humankind are not separate from one another—and should not act to achieve, affirm, or, in any manner, presume separation from one another. In Reality, the billions of humankind exist in the root-context of egoless prior unity. If the inherent energy of that egoless prior unity were brought to the fore, it would spontaneously take responsibility for self-rightening the world.

Every human being is going to die. Humankind exists in a world where death is an inescapable reality. On the other hand, the world is, at its root, egoless, Indivisible, Absolute, and Infinite.

What Is (inherently) egoless must re-assert its inherent power in the world. The Reality-power of everybody-all-at-once existing in the condition of prior unity is what must re-assert itself. When humankind as a whole functions in the disposition of prior unity, a positive order is initiated and (inevitably) self-organized. That can (and must) be done.

Chaos has come about because everything became individuated—every “thing” and every “one”. When everybody is fragmented into separate units, there is inevitable chaos. However, when everybody starts to function on the working-presumption of egoless prior unity, then there is the means to bring order into the world of human experience. It is an egoless matter. And, therefore, it is not a religious matter (in the sense of being determined by the dogmas of a particular religious tradition)—but it is a Perfectly serious matter (in the sense of being an articulation of Inherently egoless, Indivisible, Absolute, and Infinite Reality Itself).

As egos, the billions of humankind are simply a mob of individuals—and that is chaos. However, the billions as an egoless (or indivisible and cooperative) presence is something entirely different. The inherently egoless presence of everybody-all-at-once does not (in order to be re-asserted) require that it, first, be caused—or become the “idealistic” result of some kind of process whereby each individual must first, and one by one, become an egoless Perfectly Enlightened being. No—the inherently egoless presence of everybody-all-at-once already (or priorly) exists—and, therefore, it need only be “realistically” self-asserted. The direct and necessary means for that re-assertion is the rational, orderly, and all-representing establishment of a right and true (and, inherently, globally powerful) Global Cooperative Forum.

The Global Cooperative Forum must manifest the unequivocal integrity of the otherwise chaotic voice of everybody-all-at-once. Through the Global Cooperative Forum, everybody-all-at-once must self-manifest a voice that stands for what is truly right and necessary—and a voice that is in a position to non-violently require (or immovably insist) that what is right be really done. That means everybody (each and all) is going to have to lose not just some “face”, but all “face”. There is no “face” in the right and true Global Cooperative Forum of everybody-all-at-once—none.

The Global Cooperative Forum must truly represent—and, in effect, embody, or self-manifest—the voice that represents humankind as a whole. However, to represent humankind as a whole is not merely to speak for billions of egos—but it is, rather, to represent and speak for the egoless everybody-all-at-once that must be positively effective in bringing order to the current world-chaos. It is not the egoic everybody (or every “I”), but it is the egoless everybody-all-at-once, that must be embodied in, as, and via the Global Cooperative Forum.


The Global Cooperative Forum cannot, appropriately and rightly, be organized by people whose power or leadership in the world is based on presuming (and maintaining) the illusion of people as separate egos. Those who can rightly serve the Global Cooperative Forum must be morally-enlightened persons of true integrity, who, first, relinquish whatever position (and egoic “self”-image) of power they may have previously “enjoyed”—by (now) having become dis-illusioned with ego-based power-positions in general. By virtue of this relinquishment (or “face”-renunciation), such individuals stand in a completely different context—essentially, the egoless context. Standing in that context, they are inherently powerless as individuals—but they are functioning (and truly all-serving) as part and representative of an egoless whole, and they dedicate their talents to help the egoless whole of everybody-all-at-once become effective in a positive and truly global manner. Therefore, the ability to function in the egoless (or truly ego-transcending) manner is the ability that must characterize right leadership in the Global Cooperative Forum—and in even all the future time and context of humankind.

All presumptions of power, and all personal illusions, are relinquished in the disposition that is coincident with Reality Itself. In that disposition, you renounce your “costume”—your “mummer’s role” of the presumed separate (or egoic) “self”—completely. And, in that disposition, you renounce all presumed “ownership” of power and Truth.

All and every one are inherently subordinate to Truth Itself.

All and every one are inherently subordinate to Reality Itself.

All and every one are inherently subordinate to That Which Is egoless, Absolute, Infinite, and Indivisible.

What must be exercised is That Which Is (Inherently) Always Already The Case.

Unity need not be achieved—because unity (or Inherent Indivisibility) Is the Prior Condition of Reality Itself.

Similarly, egolessness need not be achieved—because egolessness is the prior condition of all-and-All.

Therefore, rightness need not be achieved—because rightness is the prior condition of all-and-All that arises.

Rightness must simply be exercisedas it is. And the exercise of rightness can be both enabled and implemented. That, in fact, is what must happen.

The disposition to cause rightness is not the disposition you need to demonstrate. Rather, you must stand in the position to do rightness.

The intention to cause (or yet-make-exist) is the motivator and the strategy of ego—because ego always desires and seeks what it presumes is not yet the case.

Truth is the pre-Condition, and the pre-Advantage, and the Inherent Capability of egolessness—and, therefore, egolessness is the self-organizing energy of prior unity, prior integrity, and prior rightness.


The world is deluded by its own artifacts.

Human history is, conventionally, viewed as some kind of continuum of human awareness—whereas it is actually made up of countless numbers of now dead people.

Who has survived?

Nobody has survived.

Who will survive?

Nobody will survive.

Continuous human awareness—as if ego coincides with the simultaneity of all of time and space—is nothing but a mummer’s illusion, a theatrically-conceived drama of “Narcissus”.

When you attach yourself to the theatrically-conceived drama (or mummery) of life, you forget your actual situation.

Your actual situation is not merely that everybody dies.

Your actual situation, or Reality-situation, is that there is no ego, no separate entity—none.

However, there is Something Else—Reality Itself, or That Which Is egoless, Absolute, Infinite, and Indivisible.

Reality Itself Is Self-Existing, Self-Radiant, and Inherently Perfect.

Reality Itself Is birthless, and deathless, and Perfectly Free.

The egoless human being fully participates in Reality Itself.

The ego-bound human being only seeks for Reality Itself, or for Truth, or for Ultimate Satisfaction, and imagines all kinds of “satisfactory results” that are not the case, and never will be the case, and cannot be the case.

The will to illusion is fundamental to egoity.

To awaken to the inherent egolessness of the life-situation is to be free of the “self”-deluded capability for illusion.

Everybody-all-at-once must become dis-illusioned with the ego-made chaos of the present-time world-situation.

That dis-illusionment can make everybody-all-at-once effective in the true Reality-situation of life.

That dis-illusionment can set the energy of everybody-all-at-once in motion, free of the structures and purposes of ego-bondage.

That dis-illusionment is the root and necessary basis for the awakening of everybody-all-at-once to the inherently global responsibility of humankind.